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Originally Posted by Melchior View Post
Simmons is fine if he can start hitting over 80% of his FTs. Fuck LeBron at this point. I'd love to see Klay here, though *with* Ben and Embiid.
80%....I highly doubt that ever happens. All Simmons has to get to is as good of a shot as the mediocre shooter at the Y. The problem is that he is super far from that. He jumps off the screen with his basketball IQ, and ability to get to where he wants, but he's up there with guys like Deandre Jordan in lacking shooting ability. I would guess he's top NOT being able to shoot.

He needs to do what they were talking about in this series with Kawhi. Start in getting a 6 foot range, adding a floater, or baby hook. Then move out to eight foot jumpshots, etc. Every foot he adds in range will add wins and make this team tougher going forward, and take him from an all star level to closer to impossible to stop.

The "trade him trade him" seems incredibly short sighted. He just needs a coach to force him to expand his game, or hopefully all the criticism he's received motivates him to try more of those shots. He'd be better tomorrow if he was just willing to take and miss those shots. Right now, defenders can sag off, just elevate once he's in the paint, and he's STILL tough to stop.

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