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Default All these idiots in the media still don't get it

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
....Simmons for LeBron trade is being discussed on CBS Sports page.

Could work??

Iím not a devout follower but what Iíve seen of Simmons just screams weak link....and he has a hard on for LaLa land.
LeBron didnít go to LA to win or for basketball reasons, at least not primarily.

Heís happy living the LA lifestyle with his family settled down and his kids enrolled in school here. Apparently his wife was miserable when they moved back to Cleveland from Miami.

Heís not demanding a trade and if they did want to trade him Iíd put money on him refusing. Still, whoever is calling the shots for the Lakers would never trade him because his marketing/business value alone far exceeds the cost of his contract.
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