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Everyone is making this to complicated.

The Eagles can tag Foles and keep him. Theyíll just need to restructure or terminate other contracts to get under the salary cap by 3/15/19.

The Eagles arenít going to bluff. Other teams have been informed knowing the Eagles intention to keep Foles as opposed to just letting him walk.

If teams want Foles, theyíll need to trade for him. Itís that simple.

The PTF article last month suggested that Foles fight the Eagles if they tag and trade. Here is th the CBA language:
ďArticle 4, Section 8, subsection (b) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement states as follows: ďA Club extending a Required Tender must, for so long as that Tender is extended, have a good faith intention to employ the player receiving the Tender at the Tender compensation level during the upcoming season.Ē

Does anyone really think Foles is going to challenge the Eagles good faith intention of keeping him? Foles will simply agree to a trade knowing he was able to choose the team he wanted to go to. How in the hell will anyone prove that the Eagles didnít have a good faith intention of keeping Foles, especially if they restructure contracts and keep him beyond the 3/1519 deadline. The Eagles have always been consistent by place the highest regard on the QB group since Peterson has been a coach. So good luck to anyone who challenges them.

With all of this in mind, will a trade take place? Iíve been very consistent in suggesting that the Eagles, Foles and another team have already found a mutual interest in doing so.

Iíve also explained why the Eagles were going to tag Foles and why he would decline, and why the franchise tag will come, and why a trade is close to certain.

We can talk about it some more though. Itís an unusual situation
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