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Default The Process is also about patience

Originally Posted by HEREisAKERS View Post
It is SO HARD to watch him be such a vibrant component of that team. The Process implies we will win a championship. And it is uncertain we will when such a talented guy we could've had is the youthful spark of our main competitor. The impact is practical in his gameplay compared to Fultz and also psychological for the entire organization!!!!
This season raised expectations but the Sixers are still ahead of schedule.

Embiid/Simmons didn't play their first seasons. 10 games out of Markelle is actually an improvement.

Tatum is a future star but no one could have predicted the shoulder injury/whatever happened to Fultz's shot. Before that he was lighting it up in the Summer League which is why it's ridiculous to wish that we had drafted Tatum. He was never even in the conversation.
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