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Originally Posted by Saxon079 View Post
This is for all you eagle fans that are ready to jump off your rooftops we have a place for you. You can land right on the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon.

First order of business discussing the bond that has developed between coach Whisenhunt and captain graybeard Kurt Warner. In a e-mail sent to Kurt Whisenhunt replied "It's hard to put into words what I feel about you, what you have done for me and this team. I have great respect for how you handled everything, and I thank God we are on this journey together." To which Warner said he still gets "choked up reading that text."

I think this bond between coach and quarterback that has lifted this one's downtrodden organization to the upper echelons of the NFL. Coach worked really hard with Kurt on protecting the ball through this effort Kurt learned to trust and respect coach Whisenhunt and that is what started it. They each developed more trust and respect for one another and with Warner having the full support of the coaching staff and the coaching staff having full trust in Kurt this offense simply could not be stopped. And it is my opinion that this bond was not only what led us to the Super Bowl last year but will lead us back to the playoffs this year. Now the team knows how to prepare the team knows how to win the talent has always been there I believe the rest of the NFC is in for a big surprise.

Next time we will discuss the new additions on defense. As we go through this series it will help those of you that are just dying to jump on the bandwagon.
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