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Ellsworth 08-11-2017 12:54 PM

Eagles traded JMATT AND 2018 3rd for Ronald Darby
Holy shit

D Leff 08-11-2017 12:57 PM

Wtf... How good is Darby? Don't know him well.

slag 08-11-2017 01:01 PM

His bio/stats look pretty solid

Big Little 08-11-2017 01:02 PM

Just checked his stats, solid tackles only 2 career picks and missed a game or 2 each season (2) he's been in the league.

We had a WR to trade just didn't want it to be JMatt, f'in Ags is still here wtf!?

McCarthy12 08-11-2017 01:02 PM

That's the question. I get on JMatt a lot for the drops, but he has been productive and Wentz is tight with him. Hope Darby is a good player.

HEREisAKERS 08-11-2017 01:02 PM

That dude is a menace...
He specifically has given OBJ fits which I think is reason enough to do this.

D Leff 08-11-2017 01:04 PM

Bills just traded Sammy Watkins for a CB from Slizz's Rams. Odd.

TRENT 08-11-2017 01:04 PM

Fuckin A!!!!!! or in Kens instance Ehh

Originally Posted by Ellsworth (Post 1882953)
Holy shit

or B or C,,,holy shit is right,,,can this team make moves that actually help...I don't know how to react anymore!:-D


slag 08-11-2017 01:05 PM

This is about Hollins as much as anything else here.

TRENT 08-11-2017 01:06 PM

My Nephew and Brother Are Miami fans
and the kid knows his shit,,,says the guy is a Beast from a Fla collage so they watched him alot and said we just solved one side of the field!

McCarthy12 08-11-2017 01:09 PM

Good point. Darby looks pretty good. Was Pro Football Focus's rookie of the year in 2015. Could be a good move for us.

D Leff 08-11-2017 01:09 PM

Since the Rams just traded Watkins for another CB... was that more about getting rid of Watkins and making Darby expendable or did they not like Darby? Or maybe a combo of both?

Big Little 08-11-2017 01:09 PM

Hollins is the truth! Just wish we could have offloaded Ags

HEREisAKERS 08-11-2017 01:10 PM

I think you're right, Hollins can ball and they know it. Matthews was consistent but didn't have that nasty quality. If they think Hollins can be as consistent, that stiff arm in the face of Quentin Rollins last night tells you why they made this move. Like it. Buhbye snowflakes

SCREAMIN EAGLE 08-11-2017 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by Big Little (Post 1882965)
Hollins is the truth! Just wish we could have offloaded Ags

Getting rid of Agholor this season will cost you more in cap space than if you just keep him

ptrjr 08-11-2017 01:23 PM

5'11 190? See how that goes against Dez and OBJ.

Eagle In Ohio 08-11-2017 01:29 PM

Eagles threw in a third
Darby better ball the fuck out.

IronEagle 08-11-2017 01:30 PM

Don't forget, this is a contract year for Matthews and he missed OTAs with a "knee injury".

They might not wanted to have paid him what he wanted in a new contract.

Spartan92 08-11-2017 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by Big Little (Post 1882965)
Hollins is the truth! Just wish we could have offloaded Ags

problem is Jmatt will want huge $$$ at the end of the season for his new contract and that $$$ needs to go to a legit #1 which is Alshon who plays the outside. That being said, this kid did ball and was expendable and let's be honest, no one was trading for Jagholar

Ellsworth 08-11-2017 01:35 PM

exact same measurables as Malcolm Butler.

if you can play you can play.

fuck Dez.

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